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What Our Client Say

I just wanted to take some time to thank Extreme Dance for the life experiences that they have provided my daughter. My daughter started with Extreme Dance in the first steps class in about 2016 when she was 4 years old.

They make dance fun and taught in simple everyday examples that kept the little ones engaged, and making them all feel special, like little ballerinas. They even provide special occasions for the students nearing the end of the year to celebrate all their hard work that all the students love!

My daughter has since moved away from Ballet and has taken on Jazz which she has loved for the last 3 years and more recently has decided to give Tap a go in addition to Jazz.

It is so important for young girls and boys to be involved in a discipline that encourages focus and determination, seeing my daughter come out of her comfort zone and explore new things is such a rewarding experience for us both.

For my daughter to be involved in a team with her good friends, and shine when they do their concerts totally brings joy to me and my extended family.

Thank you to all the Extreme Dance family for providing such a fantastic service to the youth in our area, long may it continue!


Dad of Ana

Extreme Dance is an exceptional dance school that caters for individual dancers whether it be just dancing for fun or if you are considering a profession in dancing. We have watched how our daughter, Taite has blossomed and grown in confidence not only in her dancing skills but in herself. The teachers are highly skilled and friendly but most of all it’s the friendships that develop within the dancing community that is so apparent. John and Emma (as well as their lovely sons) operate a family friendly studio who make you feel welcome and valued. We look forward to many happy dancing years ahead of our daughter.

Claire & Mornay

Parents of Taite

Luna has had two terms at extreme dance and absolutely loves it! She started at 4 years old and although she was a bit shy at first, the extreme dance teachers were amazing at helping her relax and enjoy moving her body. Her confidence has grown inside and outside of the studio. She loves that I can watch her First Steps class on the big screen in the waiting area, and we both enjoy talking about the moves she learned after class. I highly recommend extreme dance to any future “dance mums” and kids out there.


Mum Of Luna

We have been really impressed with the ‘Extreme Dance’ studio since our daughter joined just over a year ago. The studio is a welcoming place for everyone. It has a great atmosphere which encourages and supports each child to achieve their own potential. The team of dedicated and skilled teachers, led by Emma and John, are truly passionate about what they do. We are very grateful to the Extreme Team for the excellent teaching, care and encouragement they’ve shown to our little dancer.

Lynsey & Mike

Parents Of Evie

My sons have been dancing at extreme dance for 5 years. It is their absolute happy place, where their individuality is encouraged, their confidence has grown and a passion for dance has flourished.
I highly recommend extreme dance for anyone who loves to dance but especially for boys!


Mum Of Archie & Theo

Extreme dance is my kids second home, the teachers and their friends are like a second family (which is so important when they spend so much time there!). They learn so much from the amazing teachers, who 100% have the kids best interests at heart when it comes to dance and them growing as a person and they have built such amazing and strong friendships with the other dancers. Both the teachers and kids are so supportive of each other and I couldn’t ask for a better dance studio for my kids to attend.


Mum Of Jayvier & Neveah

Emma, John and all of the Extreme family have been a big part of our lives for going on six years now. Extreme offers such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that’s not just focused on ability but fun, support, friendship and growth. Thanks to the encouragement from Extreme she has gone from little girl that wanted to, to the girl who knows she can.

Extreme is her safe and happy place, she begs me to take her to the studio just to be amongst her dance friends and atmosphere even when she’s not in class! I’m truly grateful to Emma, John and all the team for creating that space for her and the amazing friendships that both her, and I have made as a result.


Mum Of Madison

My daughter just dances through life; we cannot pass a mirror nor have a song play without her grooving. And when there is nothing she dances and sings anyway. The confidence, the rhythm, the smiles and the kindness she has developed from her Extreme dance classes. It’s more than just a dance class Thank you Extreme for empowering our kids and leading by example.


Mum Of Jess

For my son Extreme Dance is so much more than the place that he has been going to for the last 5 years to learn to dance. It is the place that gives him confidence, grows his self esteem, teaches him perseverance and develops his own sense of pride. In his words it is his ‘happy place’. He has teachers who encourage and believe in him and many role models to look up to and who inspire him. He is an 8 year old boy who proudly wears his dance shoes on the ‘outside’ in front of his peers and that is all thanks to his Extreme Dance family.

Cathy Murray

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